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I rescued 2 amaryllis that were rotting in a plastic bag 3 months ago and put them in john inns no.3 into terracotta pots in the garage they are now already sprouting so have watered them a little. Do i carry on watering them and get early plants or put them back in the dark of the garage?




now they are growing bring them out into the light. you may even get some flowers [or is that a photo of them in flower?]. at this time of the year they can go outside in a sunny spot if you don't want them inside. the leaves will grow as long straps. feed the plant regularly with house plant food as instructions on the bottle.

19 Aug, 2016


thank you for your help.... when would you expect them to flower then? they have 1 inch sprouts now

19 Aug, 2016


If they are going to bloom this year, then it will probably be soon, though the odds are against it if they were actually starting to rot. I would allow them to grow in as much light as possible--outside for now, indoors in a southern window when frost threatens--until late spring, then follow normal bloom forcing procedures. Others can help you better than I with that, since we do it differently here in the desert. If the bulbs were damaged badly enough, it may take a few years for them to gain enough energy to bloom again.

20 Aug, 2016


Yes thanks and the photo is not mine....i think them rotting out would knocked the guts out of them and it will take a while for them to get up to size and re-bloom again. We here in the u.k. are going to be experiencing and early Autumn so temperatures will be plummeting soon so this will put them in a static state. I will bring them out until frost warnings although were i live in south east we don't get get severe frosts but its still too cold to leave these particular amaryllis out. Ive read about newer introduced amaryllis that are quite hardy but they are expensive to buy.

20 Aug, 2016

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