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Found this ? in the greenhouse, it had spiders web caught round its face, managed to clear most of it away from face and nose area, it did wriggle a lot but got most of it off.
My Question is..... What is it..... a moth I'm thinking?
Oh! I had a spike looking thing at the tail end.
Shame I can't show the video I took :o(

Img_1242 Img_1246



One of the Hawk moth caterpillars.

27 Aug, 2016


I thought it may be one of the Hawk Moth caterpillars too :o)) Just found the Name of it....
"Elephant hawk moth caterpillar".....
(Deilephila elpenor caterpillar)

27 Aug, 2016


Those scary faux eyes keep the hawk moth generations going.

27 Aug, 2016


the webbing is the protective silk it spins around itself before it produces its cocoon.
I found one in my greenhouse last year when I was sweeping up. I removed the webbing as I also thought it was spider silk. I kept the pupae in damp compost and it did hatch successfully in July.

it is an elephant hawk moth.
if you can put it back it will continue to go into the pupation sequence.

27 Aug, 2016


Oh! Ooo! Errrr! And there's me thinking I was doing a "Good Deed" one Lives & Learns doesn't one, I do hope it will be ok :o)), I put it in the flower bed.

27 Aug, 2016


if you can find it again and put it somewhere less 'open', bottom of a hedge for instance that would be better for it.

28 Aug, 2016

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