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I have just bought some wallflower plug plants. I have also seen that they are available with bare roots.
Does anyone know the difference between the two?
Also, should I plant them in their final positions now or keep them in pots for the moment? Are they annual or perennial as there seems to be a difference in opinion on this?



Hi, if I had to make a choice between plugs or bare root wallflowers, I would choose bare root every time, because they are bigger plants for 1 reason, plus they've been grown outside in fields, not forced in greenhouses, they are technically short lived perennials, but are usually grown as biennials, depending on size, you may have to grow on plugs until they're large enough to plant out, but bare root plants should be planted out as soon as you get them, and don't let them dry out, if you can't plant them straight away, stand them in water for an hour each day, and cover the roots with damp cloth or similar, but plant as soon as possible, and keep them watered until they get established, Derek.

27 Aug, 2016


I agree with Derekm.
plugs tend to be more expensive I've found and in the past I have had to grow them on before planting out.

I also seem to think the plugs have been perennial verieties like Bowles Mauve, winter sorbet etc. and I grow them as specimen plants.
the bare rooted ones I use as spring bedding with tulips etc.

27 Aug, 2016


Thanks Derekm and Seaburngirl. I will most likely get some bare roots as well. For the moment I have potted up the plug plants and they seem happy enough.

28 Aug, 2016

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