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Bird set Holly Tree
I have a young (three year old approx.) holly tree that is in the wrong place, what are the chances of successfully re locating it ? It is around 4ft tall and I would like to move it to give room for a camellia that is catching too much sun
cheers kev



If its popped up on its own, do you really have room for it? Common holly gets upwards of 12 metres with a spread of 4-8 metres, but if you really want to keep it, the time to attempt to move it is late autumn or in winter. If the move is unsuccessful, I have no doubt you will find other volunteer hollies popping up anyway.

27 Aug, 2016


Thanks Bamboo,
the idea of moving it was just the fact it was self set and looks healthy, it was my intention to try and keep it as a smallish (easily manageable) standard . If all fails no great loss as a freebie

28 Aug, 2016


There'll be others, likely not far from where this one germinated - the trick is to find them when they're small and easy to relocate or get rid off!

28 Aug, 2016

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