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do garlic pips need to be planted as soon as garlic is harvested



By pips, do you mean the cloves in the bulb, or the tiny bulbs that sometimes form at the sides of the main bulb?

27 Aug, 2016


If you mean do the cloves need to be planted straight after harvesting (garlic doesn't have pips), then no, as they'll be 'wet'. Garlic bulbs need to fully dry out for several weeks.

28 Aug, 2016


Yes, Rosierose, I had never heard of garlic "pips" either. I have dug up garlic bulbs that had tiny cloves partly separate from the main bulb. They don't usually store well enough to wait until the next planting season, but they also don't often survive the winter in cold climates.
In semi-Mediterranean climates, like my own, we harvest in late spring, and some of the cloves can be left in the ground to make next year's crop, though there is a certain amount of mortality if the monsoon rains are too heavy.

28 Aug, 2016


Hi Tug. We sow garlic twice a year - in early spring, and again in autumn. We harvest the spring-sown garlic in late summer, and let a handful of bulbs dry out for a few weeks before using them for autumn sowing. We find that autumn-sowing produces bigger bulbs, even here in wet Wales, but we grow it in pots rather than in the open ground.

28 Aug, 2016

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