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What has happened to my Cordyline? :-(

I've had my Cordyline for around 3 years and I first had it in the ground for about a year before potting it & it stayed healthy. I updated my garden and repotted it in what it's in now around 3 months ago with the same soil it had before and it's slowly deteriorated :-(. It was producing healthy new leaves but once they got to a certain point just fell out the top. It's as if the top has rotted. Can I cut the top off or will I completely kill it? Helppppp.......

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The growing tip at the top has died, along with the main stem. You can cut the stem right down to the bottom and wait to see if you get new growth from the roots; if you do, it will take a while to form trunks.

27 Aug, 2016


Thank you Bamboo. I've cut it and I think it looks healthy?? I'm to scared to cut it to the bottom, do you think this will be enough? (I have added another photo) :-/

27 Aug, 2016


No, not least because I forgot to say, if you do leave a stump, cut it at an angle to allow rain to run off, sorry - you can just make an angled cut so its not much shorter than it is now if you prefer.

27 Aug, 2016

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