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Does anyone recognise this plant?


By David

Fife, Scotland Sco

I saw this beautiful plant in a bedding scheme recently in a London park. The leaves are palmate, greyish, with blood-red veins. I've never seen it before. Can you help identify it, please?




Hi David,
It looks to me like a variety of castor oil plant Ricinus communis 'Gibsonii' which has young red leaves and red flowers. I have seen it in park displays.

10 Aug, 2008


I see it now, Celandine....the palmate leaves and the flowers. Reminds me of my Fatsia japonica, ivy, etc. If it grows in Yorkshire, perhaps it will grow for me here in east central Scotland - many thanx for the speedy reply!

11 Aug, 2008


If you have small children keep them away rom the plant,
especially when they form pods.They are really poisonous

11 Aug, 2008


Ricinis communis. Nice to look at and attains a good height of about 10ft during a warm UK summer, so maybe not this year. Do NOT ingest any part - ricin is derived from it somehow.

11 Aug, 2008


Thank you both for the warnings. I shall, therefore, not attempt to find and grow this one after all.It was, however, great to look at.

11 Aug, 2008

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