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Is anyone able to identify this plant? I have had it in the garden for over 12 years and cut it back each winter. This year it had one yellow flower and now it has produced a huge amount of seed pods - photos attached.

Photo_2016_08_28_12.12.13_pm Photo_2016_08_28_12.14.24_pm Photo_2016_08_28_12.16.41_pm



Looks like seed pod of a (tree) peony, which one I don't know. Sorry.

28 Aug, 2016


It had to have had more than one flower, Theoldpostoffice, since it takes flowers to make seeds.

28 Aug, 2016


it looks like Paeony lutea. if you cut it back every year then you are losing flowers. wait until after flowering before you cut it back.

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28 Aug, 2016

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