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I have a Bougainvillea which flowered profusely last year, I have potted it into a large pot and keep it in the summer room with lots of light, however it has grown to about 10 ft with lots of long green shoots and new growth but no flowering bracts. I suspect it needs pruning and repotting into a smaller pot ? Can you advise please

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First, is it getting any direct sunlight? Second, what are you feeding it with? Bougies indoors like a low nitrogen food, such as tomato food, for best bloom. Bougies are also shy to bloom when they are getting a lot of water, so letting the compost dry more on top between soakings, and making sure that the saucer isn't full of water, often help bloom. Repottingin a faster draining mix is also an option, but Bougies are persnickety about root disturbance.

29 Aug, 2016

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