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I bought a lovely Rudbekia Cappuccino yesterday and it said 'herbacious perennial' on the front of the label. However, on the flip side it is described as a 'half-hardy annual'. So i googled it and found that it is indeed a half-hardy annual. Yet the instructions on the label tell us to protect it over winter --- if it's an annual, why protect it?



Its very confusing, Goole searches find it as a h h annual, a biennial and short lived perennial

I'm wondering if its where you live and the growing conditions?
My gazania are killed some winters but this year are bigger and better than ever

30 Aug, 2016


Yes it is most confusing but I will protect it in winter in the hope that our normally soft Devon weather will help it survive. Thankyou Pamg.
I must tell my neighbour that Gazania can survive the winter. She treats them as bedding and chucks them when the season is over. Good tip!

30 Aug, 2016


In my experience, it's a short-lived perennial, but it looks its best in the first season.

31 Aug, 2016


It depends on the winter doesn't it.....
If the gazania survive they are much bigger better plants, short lived though, they can go a bit woody

I didn't realise you were in Devon ?

Lovely county, I'm in south devon at the minute , its warm and sunny, we get that in the Midlands but its always humid and muggy
If it hot.

I love the gardens here, so beautiful

31 Aug, 2016


It's been pretty muggy here in Exeter today. The ground is dry as well because we haven't had much rain in the psat few weeks. South Devon is a lovely part of the country isn't it?

Tug, I'll treat is a not fully hardy perennial and see how it does.

31 Aug, 2016


It might be longer-lived in Devon, Merlin. It likes the heat here in the desert, but it seems to age things faster.

1 Sep, 2016


It was muggy in newton abbot too, better by the sea

I enjoy travelling everywhere by train, I think Teignmouth and Dawlish are lovely

1 Sep, 2016

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