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Salvia identification please?

The calyx is almost black. the flowers are about the size of a 5p piece.
Black or red velvet have been suggested.
Thank you




sorry image is on its side. it isn't on my camera/computer!

30 Aug, 2016


At first glance, it looks like a hybrid of Salvia greggii, but a 17 mm wide flower sounds a bit big for that group.

31 Aug, 2016


Salvia "Hot Lips" I have it in my garden, it changes colour and gets some white on it too, mine flowered all through the winter & is quite big now.
I'm going to put a pic of mine in "Add a Photo for you to see :o))
Jackie x
PS. If you can't find it I will put it in Gardening Questions if you like :o))

31 Aug, 2016


Its too big for hot lips and this is always pure deep red, the red in the photo is a bit pale but thanks for the suggestion.

31 Aug, 2016


Might it be S. Jezebel?

31 Aug, 2016


I was thinking S. 'Maraschino', but 'Jezebel is a distinct possibility, too.

1 Sep, 2016


Maybe? Salvia microphylla x Heatwave, found it on......

Worth looking at the site :o))

1 Sep, 2016


'Heatwave Blaze' does seem the most likely to me, now.

1 Sep, 2016


Thank you for the suggestions.
the person who I got the plant from originally gave me another option of Royal Bumble. They are all so similar aren't they.

2 Sep, 2016


True, but few have that orange-scarlet--most stay on the purplish side of red.

3 Sep, 2016


Sadly the orange tinge is the effect of the photo. It is a uniform deepish red.

3 Sep, 2016


More likely 'Jezebel', then. 'Maraschino' has larger, more quilted leaves than that.

3 Sep, 2016

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