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Is anybody growing the plant parachetus communis ( pea shamrock) I purchased 2 plants and I am beginning to regret it I have divided the main plants several times and there is no stopping it I have not planted it in garden as it takes over everything I have given lots away and even thrown lots away which I do not like doing the woman I purchased it from said it fills pots very quick I found the more you thin it out the more it grows



I don't think anyone is, not on here anyway - you previously asked about this plant back on 3rd February this year, and I think if anyone had been growing it,they would have supplied more information.

30 Aug, 2016


Not sure what you're asking. Other oxalis family plants behave similarly. The only remedy really is if you can't deal with it best throw it all out even though its pretty.

31 Aug, 2016

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