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was wondering if anyone had grown papaver harvest moon ?




Yes I have

11 Sep, 2016


very nice i was wondering what height they got up to?

12 Sep, 2016


its a tall one in flower and depending if you grow in good soil well over 2 feet and some of the stalks went over 3 feet so very impressive , but needs well drained soil in full sun dont be fooled as they state ok in half shade they wont flower much and pre dig the hole out the break up the soil to a good 12 inches and mix in some compost so the roots go down deep.

Another tip dont let other plants crowd it out does best I found at the front of the border.
if you order now you will get bare roots in the Autumn Winter , which you can use some of them for root cuttings its really easy to do.

A covering off gravel once its died down down stops the slugs going down the dead stalks holes into the roots over the winter and on top not just around the plant the new shoots will push through in the spring.

Hope that helps , worth a try if you havnt grown before


12 Sep, 2016


Thanks for your good advice i used to have 5 really nice frilly Oriental poppies at the front of the garden bed but most succumbed to a serious virus because other plants behind them grew around them crowding them out and over time stopping the air flow around them and they fell ill with stunted growth and black burn marks where virus had got to them. I like the tip about slugs never knew that !

14 Sep, 2016

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