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What do I do with petunias when they quit flowering for the season?



They are annuals.....

2 Sep, 2016


They are perennial - just not in the UK, here we treat them as annuals, so if you want to try it, you can overwinter indoors or in a greenhouse.

2 Sep, 2016


I have some in my greenhouse, so will see what they do. They are still flowering yet, but I hope they will continue well into the autumn.

2 Sep, 2016


Try cutting them back,as you could get another flush of flowers yet,if it stays mild..I've done this several times over the years..if not.pull them up and compost or bin them..

2 Sep, 2016



Thanks Bamboo I learnt something new , thanks ☺

3 Sep, 2016


Pamg - there are a surprising number of plants we think are annuals but maybe perennial in other regions with better (usually drier) winters. But I did have a surfinia petunia that still flowered through all the snow back in 2010, and lived on that summer too... no idea why that particular one did it, the other 5 died as usual over winter.

3 Sep, 2016

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