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Can anyone help me identify this pretty flower? My and wife and I see it in Brittany all the time along the Nantes Bream canal usually growing from the lock walls or generally any type of brick work near water. Not sure if its two different flowers intertwined?




Erigeron 'Stallone'. My neighbour offered me some of these plants that seem to invade every crack and crevice in his paving. Glad to say that I declined the offer.

3 Sep, 2016


It's Erigeron, Mexican Flea Bane. All one plant and loves to seed into cracks in walls.
Oops, posted at the same time as you Jimmythe one.

3 Sep, 2016


Erigeron karavinskianus if you want the full name.

3 Sep, 2016


I love it and it's easy to pull out if it gets too much. It trails and climbs, looks good in pots and containers and flowing over walls. I bought three plants with me when I moved. A very cheerful, sunny plant.

3 Sep, 2016


I cant get it to establish in my garden :o(

4 Sep, 2016


Pm me Seaburngirl and I'll send you some seeds, they grow anywhere in my garden.

4 Sep, 2016

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