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By Gordonc

I have had a poor year for vegetables, my runner beans were the worst for 10 years (cannot remember the name of them unfortunately), and my 3 gooseberry bushes have not produced one berry despite looking very healthy? (maybe because I moved them ?)

I do not know how to prune the gooseberry bushes as I do not have any branches that have produced fruit? Please advise.



If you moved the gooseberry bushes this year that could well have stopped the formation of fruit, did they even flower? The website below will give you advice on pruning your bushes:

3 Sep, 2016


Prune them in February. Tip back the main branches by about five buds and take back the side shoots leaving 3-5 buds on each. Remove any crossing or weak branches, aiming to leave the centre of the bush open for good air circulation. You can do another lesser prune in midsummer, shortening the side shoots. Feed with sulphate of potash after the winter prune.

Hope this agrees with the above link - its what I always do and gives bumper crops.

3 Sep, 2016

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