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My normally dark red Acer is losing its redness. Can you explain why?



Although your acer started off dark red as the season progresses the red will fade more and more and the leaves will start to look a reddish/green shade. This is perfectly normal and will happen every year. Next spring the leaves will start off dark red again.

3 Sep, 2016


Getting ready for autumn - this happens earlier if the weather's been dry and you don't intervene and water.

3 Sep, 2016


Thanks for the info. I have never noticed this colour change before this year. Yes a dry year, though I have watered with relative frequency.

3 Sep, 2016


Certainly wasn't a dry year here!

3 Sep, 2016


Depends where you live Steragram, we have rain today for the first time in a fortnight and we need it, the grass is brown everywhere with all the hot sun we've had.

3 Sep, 2016

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