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Additional Nasturtium Q?
Hi folks, have planted a difficult embankment with N this year which did well although it was boomer year for feasting slugs, I did not use a membrane but was diligent about keeping the grass cut to allow them to thrive. Q. Will the Nasturtiums overcome the grass in future years forming ground cover or am I destined to have to keep on top of the undergrowth? Thank you in advance.



Unless what you've planted is Tropaeolum speciosum, which dies right back in winter anyway, nasturtiums are not perennial - they do seed themselves, but none of them, including T. speciosum, will make a dense ground cover sufficient to choke out grass. If you want a good dense ground cover such as Cotoneaster Queen of Carpets,, the grass should be removed prior to planting because its impossible to remove or cut as time goes on.

4 Sep, 2016


Thanks Bamboo, I fear not, just the box standard one.

4 Sep, 2016

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