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We were given a pot of tete a tete daffs last year. Is it ok to keep them in this pot for next year, maybe topping the earth up. If so, do they need feeding?



The might need a bigger pot, but yes you can keep them in the pot if you like, though they can also be transferred to the garden if you have one. Its too late to feed now - feeding should be carried out whilst the leaves are present - once they've died back, the bulb is effectively dormant and is unable to take up fertilizer.

4 Sep, 2016


keep in mind that pots are very prone to freezing solid. Not only would that cause the pot to crack, but may ruin the bulbs.

4 Sep, 2016


Also, if they were planted shallowly and crowded in a bulb pan--i.e., forced--they may not have been able to store enough nutrients and energy to bloom next year. If so, plant them more deeply in the ground, or in a larger pot, and expect leaves in 2017, and flowers in 2018.

4 Sep, 2016

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