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After looking after my brothers dog for a week my lawn has got brown patches where it were is there anything I can do to my lawn



That's burn from excess nitrogen in the dogs urine. Give the patches a very good flush of water to wash the nitrogen away and the grass should come up again. If not, reseed the areas.

4 Sep, 2016


In the U.S., garden centers carry bags of seed and mulch, or seed and fluff, specifically for repairing dog damage. I would be surprised if they aren't available in the UK, if a good soaking doesn't do the job.

4 Sep, 2016


For instant results (depending if you have this in the UK) there is a grass colorant which you can spray on to turn the brown spots into green.

4 Sep, 2016


You'll probably find that when the grass re-grows it will be much lusher, taller and greener than the rest. That's what we've always found. I don't believe that dog pee does any harm though those who like a bowling green lawn will disagree!

5 Sep, 2016


Can't believe that anyone would want to spray dye on their grass!

5 Sep, 2016


It's medium common here, when the Bermudagrass goes dormant for winter, and people don't want to plant ryegrass for the winter.

5 Sep, 2016

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