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Do fushia's come up each year, iv'e got 2 one seems to be a low covering one the other is about 10ins high thanks.



There are hardy fuchsias, but lots more which aren't, so you need to know variety name to find out.

7 Sep, 2016


When did you plant them, are they in pots or the ground?

7 Sep, 2016


Hi Steragram, i planted them when we moved here which was April, they are in very large pots.

8 Sep, 2016


Well it depends what variety they are. They are shrubs and therefore perennial in the right conditions but some are tender and some are hardy. Oops, just noticed this is what Bamboo said. Did you keep the labels? Even hardy ones might be endangered in a pot in a hard winter if the compost freezes. If you have somewhere frost free but light to overwinter them you could put them there later on and let them get pretty dry. Cold wet compost can kill.The leaves will fall off but don't panic. Come March ask again and we can tell you how to get them going again. Otherwise put them in the most sheltered spot you have and if it looks as though there might be a cold spell wrap some bubble wrap round the pots. If you have left room in the top of the pot for a mulch that would help too, to protect the growing point.

9 Sep, 2016


Hi Steragram, no i don't have the labels, but the low lying one was from a neighbour and i'm sure they've had it a couple of years, will do as you suggest thanks ,nellie .

10 Sep, 2016

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