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Has anyone ever grown streptocarpella concord blue or knows where to source them maybe its the wrong time of year ?




I've got one of these but I can't remember where I bought it. I might try taking a cutting for you if you like. I've never tried it before but it might work - I could put it in the propagator to root. Let me know ...

8 Sep, 2016


Google Concord Blue there is quite a lot of information on the Internet.
Dibleys Nurseries in North Wales are excellent specialist growers, they might be able to help you.

9 Sep, 2016


HI HYWEL if you can get one to grow that would be nice would be nice to try....saw about 6 of these in steel buckets outside growing in prince charles arabic garden they looked amazing

9 Sep, 2016


I'll try some cuttings for you ... I'll put them in my propagator and let you know how they do :)

10 Sep, 2016


I think i have sourced one now at dibleys its now called "Blue moon" i think its the same but has larger flowers maybe

12 Sep, 2016


ok then :)

12 Sep, 2016

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