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Gardenia trouble . . . it was covered in buds two days ago, and now 3 have dropped off. I have kept it watered and it's in sun. Is there anything I can do to help the remaining buds to open?



Which gardenia?

8 Sep, 2016


Hi Bamboo . . . I'm afraid I don't have its variety, but the leaves are glossy, mid-green, and it is not hardy. It's in a pot, in ericaceous compost. Thanks!

8 Sep, 2016


You haven't said whether its indoors or out, but either way, they don't appreciate hot sun in the middle of the day, so that might be an issue. You're supposed to keep it damp, and water with tepid water, and out of draughts, such a fussy plant in the UK... amazing when you think the tender ones grow and flower outdoors in other countries.

8 Sep, 2016


Oh dear, I did say in the question that it's in sun, but omitted to say 'outside'! so maybe that is an issue. Thanks for your advice Bamboo.

8 Sep, 2016

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