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My greenhouse tomatoes are loaded with fruit (central Scotland, some altitude) Going on holiday for 3 weeks, I have asked neighbours to pick but not bother watering. I read years ago that removing ALL foliage at this stage was a good idea to ripen the maximum number (I have already removed about half). Any thoughts about this



You could remove all the foliage now as it is probably dying back in any case. If you are going to be away for 3 weeks I'd ask the neighbours to also water...

8 Sep, 2016


I've never grown tomatoes in a greenhouse, but all you can do is wait but they will eventually ripen. Once one starts to ripen, the others will quickly follow. I've been picking fresh tomatoes everyday all summer. I'm going to sorely miss them.

8 Sep, 2016


Buckets of water and strips of material, one end in bucket, the other on the soil next to the plant helps .....neighbour could judt top up buckets

Worked for me for a limited time

8 Sep, 2016


Thanks all. I have a neighbour who will now water as well as eating.Yes, the tomatoes have been great this year despite a poor summer up here. I must put in some garden pictures now that I have found this site.

9 Sep, 2016

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