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Can any body advise me on a nice small tree or bush to go behind a four foot high waterfall on a pond in a north facing well drained garden that catches a lot of wind, preferably in a weeping sort of shape with the stems going downwards? Size isn't an issue, and the pond is netted in Autumn/winter so leaf fall also isn't an issue. It's to replace a large bush that no longer fits the garden. Replacing the one in the left of the photo..




Kilmarnock Willow, but you'd need to plant it between the fence and the hydrangea, in other words, you'd need a gap of at least 2 feet between it and the fence, preferably three feet - and I'm not sure there's enough room there to do that without crowding the hydrangea over time. If it gets half a day's sun there in spring and summer, I'd go for a Phormium, probably Sundowner - its red leaves will make a nice contrast to everything else. Best planted in spring though, where you are.

9 Sep, 2016


Hmm...maybe a weeping mulberry? Preferably a male variety, such as 'Chaparral'.

9 Sep, 2016


Thankyou! I'll look into them both, the current bush is about 4 foot wide at its widest but it's constantly shedding into the pond and looks out of place!

9 Sep, 2016


Had you thought of a Dierama instead of a tree?

10 Sep, 2016


I hadn't, I'll have a look at one, completely open to any suggestions, its my aunt and uncles garden but I've taken it over and am helping them rejuvenate it and the pond because they've neglected it since having a baby six years ago.

10 Sep, 2016

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