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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Due to necessity I have had to move quite a number of rose bushes. Some look to be ok but others look decidedly unhappy, with the top most leaves and any blooms left on withering although further down the bush things seem ok. Should I prune back now or leave well alone? I have given all of them copious amounts of water both before and after their move and back filled with compost and fish/blood/bone meal as well as soil.



I'd prune them back now and especially remove the blooms. This will give the plants a chance to adapt to their new site without having to send nutriments to the top growth.

I'm no rose expert though.

10 Sep, 2016


I thought so...thanks for confirming Arbuthnot.

10 Sep, 2016


Yes, definitely prune back.

10 Sep, 2016


Thank you...right out with the secateurs...just as a matter of interest, how far back would you guys cut?

10 Sep, 2016


I'd go about half way on the stems. and keep watering them.

10 Sep, 2016


Thanks everyone I've now done as you've all suggested. I'll keep on watering and keep my fingers very firmly crossed. Thank you!

10 Sep, 2016

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