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By Whit

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

i am going to plant a Rosa banksiae lutea to cover an arch , what feed do i need when i plant it? thanks now for any answers



Just cultivate the area beforehand, incorporating some composted animal manure and then plant. I will say, though, this rose is not ideal for an arch because it gets 2.5 to 4 metres wide over time, so hopefully, your arch is more of a tunnel ...

12 Sep, 2016


2.5 by 4 m. is a small Rosa banksia. the one at Chirk Castle must cover an area of at least three times that.

12 Sep, 2016


Between 2.4-4.0 metres wide is what I meant, Owdboggy, not 2.4 x 4. It gets 8-12 metres high, which I didn't mention!

12 Sep, 2016


And the one at Powys Castle is even bigger. And there are two clones, one of which does not flower and is always attacked by Mildew.

12 Sep, 2016

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