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My tree fern seems to have produced a fruit, any ideas why, what it is??

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Tree ferns don't flower and fruit as such, they produce spores like ordinary ferns do for reproductive purposes. The 'trunk' is simply a mass of roots, and cannot produce fruit, so whatever that is, either someone's put it there for fun, or its got a problem.

12 Sep, 2016


could it be an apple from a neighbouring tree. but as bamboo says they don't produce fruits, just spores.

12 Sep, 2016


Thanks bamboo and seaburngirl for your answers. I thought as much but it just seems strange as cannot see any similar fruit around the garden.

12 Sep, 2016


Have you tried picking it off? I would, and cut it in half to see what it is.

12 Sep, 2016


Nope, Snoop, can't be - the growing point is always at the top of the trunk, never lower down.

13 Sep, 2016

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