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morning everyone I saw this plant in a scene in Emmerdale I couldn't believe the size of the leaves does anyone have any idea what it could be. they are like rhubarb leaves but don't think it is that

20160901_203258 20160901_203503



its a Gunnera.
they can get huge, depending on the species.

12 Sep, 2016


Yup definitely Gunnera, would need a better photo to i.d.

12 Sep, 2016


Hi, agree it's a Gunnera, most likely to be G manicata, thereis another species which gets to roundabout the same size, but is only frost hardy, whilst manicata is borderline fully hardy, Derek.

12 Sep, 2016


thank you all for your replies now I know what the plant is.I have a nice little spot for one in my garden that will accommodate it nicely

13 Sep, 2016


My 6foot something husband is dwarfed by gunnera
Amazing it makes all that growth each year!

13 Sep, 2016

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