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By Brosy

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Can anybody advise on our dwarf lilac tree The top leaves are browning while there is new growth further down the stem. Is this normal for this time of year?




No, its not - I think I can see a graft point towards the top of the mainstem, looks a bit knobbly there, but its hard to be sure because under magnification, the pic's unclear. If you bought this as a standard, it may well be grafted; if the leaves lower down look larger than the original ones at the top, it makes it more likely it is grafted, and what's happening is the growth off the mainstem is off the rootstock - if that's the case, you should remove that growth asap, and any more which appears over time. As for the top, it looks like its suffered some drought, so if the plant hasn't been in the ground more than two or three years, leave the hose trickling at its base for an hour or three.

13 Sep, 2016


Thankyou for your reply, I had thought the lower leaves looked different from those at the top. We will take your advice. Regards Brosy

13 Sep, 2016


Also we are in the south east and haven't had any rain for along time so drought could well be an issue

13 Sep, 2016


Ah,you and me both then - even when it did rain a couple of days ago, it was nowhere near enough...

13 Sep, 2016

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