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By Seo

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

My 3 lemon trees in pots are failing to thrive or fruit up. 2 out of 3 have had lemons in past. The leaves are yellowing on 2 plants and 3 rd is dropping leaves. I live in Ibiza Baleares so a warm Mediterranean climate. What suggestion for improvement please.



Feeding is the key and one specifically for lemons .....

Also check the underside for scale insect.

They will soon green up feeding and regular watering.


13 Sep, 2016


Thanks. You may be right about scale insect as the leaves are curling over. What t/t would you think.

23 Sep, 2016


dont mean to sound rude but a spray that says scale on the box if you ask they should know what you mean , but you need to get sorted and may have to spray again in a couple of weeks , just follow the instructions dont add more for good luck , lemons are tough and will grow back again but its feeding and watering they are greedy plants DURING THE GROWING SEASON.

Also they have a summer and winter feed ( you can easily buy them) so you need both .


23 Sep, 2016

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