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Have had to remove conifer as roots were damaging a wall. Need replacement - shrub, evergreen, small root system, not more than 10 feet in height. Hope you can help, please. Roger.

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Was it house wall or a garden wall? Is it in sun or shade? Could you put on a photo of the site please?

13 Sep, 2016


A 2 foot high garden wall. In full sun for most of the day. Sorry cannot supply photograph.

14 Sep, 2016


How close to the wall? If the conifer damaged it, then a shrub is likely to too.

15 Sep, 2016


Wall is about 1 foot away but we would plant shrub about 3 feet away and not let it get higher than 6 to 8 feet. If it causes problems my wife wants me to remove the wall and put up a picket fence!

15 Sep, 2016


Most shrubs will get quite wide eventually so if your border is quite narrow you'll need one you can clip. I wonder if Lonicera nitida would suit you. There is a gold leaved one and Bamboo said a few days ago that there is now a lemon one as well.The plain green is dark and rather dull. But all three will grow to the height you want and are amenable to hard clipping

15 Sep, 2016


Very many thanks for your help and advice.

16 Sep, 2016

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