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A freind gave me an 'Potentilla Fruitocosa' which has small yellow flowers on, firstly there is only the odd one or two at any one time and secondly there are some stems getting quite long while the rest of it is low lying, can anyone advise please thanks, Nellie.



Leave it be Nellie. You don't need to do anything. It will probably grow to about two feet tall and mine at least need no care at all. And it flowers all summer once it gets settled in.

13 Sep, 2016


Eventually they do get quite big and then they may be hard pruned to keep in bounds. Feed if you want more flowers.
Actually they self seed in my garden.

13 Sep, 2016


Mine have been in about 8 years and haven't got big, but the soil is not very good.

13 Sep, 2016


Is it getting at least a half day of sun, Nellie?

14 Sep, 2016


Thanks for all your help. Steragram i will take your advise and leave it be, hopefully next year there will be more flowers if i feed it as Owdboggy suggests, and yes to Tugbrethil it does get a good half day sunshine regards to all Nellie.

15 Sep, 2016


Mine flower well without feeding Nellie - such good tempered shrubs! Must try being kinder to them and see what happens!

15 Sep, 2016

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