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Can anyone identify this growth/nest in my sons garden on Bodmin Moor? It is bigger than a football!




At first glance it looks like a giant fertilizer spill, probably of some timed release brand. Any data on how big those "beads" are, or whether they are hard or soft?

14 Sep, 2016


They aren't eggs of some sort are they? From some sort of animal? But they do look like fertiliser balls too!

14 Sep, 2016


Poke it with a stick. If you see a cloud of spores come from it then it is some type of fungus. Also could be a large dropping of scat from an animal that has been feeding heavily on berries

14 Sep, 2016


Looks like fertiliser spill to me, too. I don't see what else it could be.

15 Sep, 2016

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