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Cuttings: I've taken cuttings from my lavender, roses and geraniums this week, I've never done this before so I quite pleased that none of them have wilted (yet)! Also, I'm quite pleased that I'm actually growing plants for FREE! What cuttings are you taking at the moment and how successful have you been in the past?



Good luck with your cuttings :o)

I'm taking Fuchsia cuttings again (I usually have a good rate of success with them)
and today I took some cuttings from a bunch of pinks Beryl bought in Tesco lol I don't know if they'll catch.
I am also trying cuttings of Streptocarpella for the first time.
They are all in my new propagator I bought from Wilko. We'll see how they do :)
I've also got lots of Rosemary and Bay-tree cuttings taken last year. They did well and need repotting now.

14 Sep, 2016


I am trying a couple of Russian Sage cuttings. Showing no sign of rooting yet but maybe they need to be in a proagator.

14 Sep, 2016


I usually have 90% success with most things. penstemon, sage, salvia, lavender, pelargonium, fuchsia, buddleia, weigelia, escallonia. I wouldn't be able to afford the range of plants I have if I didn't have cuttings from friends and families gardens.

15 Sep, 2016


I took some Penstemon cuttings today - never tried them before ...

16 Sep, 2016


Thanks garden buddies. Isn't it great to get plants for free!! I've got a sudden urge to go and snip some bits from people's overhanging plants as I walk down the road. My bad?

18 Sep, 2016


My grandmother used to pinch cuttings wherever she went lol ... even from the botanical gardens. My dad used to tell her "If you get caught I'll be saying I don't know you !" :D

18 Sep, 2016

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