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Good afternoon, Acer palmatum looks poorly, any ideas what could be wrong with it. It has been in a large pot for about 3 years, in a semie shaded area, but as you can see the leaves are looking, well poorly. It looked lovely until 6 weeks ago. Thankyou in anticipation of a response.

Dscf2806 Dscf2808



Is a lapse in watering possible, Lou? It looks much like mine did when I went away for a weekend, and my "sitter" forgot to water it one day--all it takes, here in the desert. Alternatively, was it exposed to harsh chemicals, such as power washing detergent, glass cleaner, paint remover, etc.

18 Sep, 2016


Or have you had a very strong wind recently? Looks like wind burn to me...

18 Sep, 2016


Three things could cause this: wind burn, sun burn or the onset of autumn. I would not be worried this late in the season.

18 Sep, 2016



18 Sep, 2016


Hi and thankyou for your responses. Probably would be sun burn as it has been rather hot. x

19 Sep, 2016

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