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Can any one ID this plant for me please and if you would know if its an indoor plant thank you




I think it's Fittonia albivenis - red nerve plant :)
It's a tropical plant so you'd have to keep it indoors.

18 Sep, 2016


Thank you Hywel so much?

19 Sep, 2016


cant remember its name but yes it is a houseplant.

19 Sep, 2016


Hi, I haven't got my new glasses yet, {tomorrow}, but I would say it's a cultivar of Solenostemon, formerly known as Coleus, or flame nettle, in it's native habitat it's a bushy subshrubby evergreen perennial, frost tender, and usually grown as a houseplant, or for summer bedding, Derek.

19 Sep, 2016


Like I said above, it's a red nerve plant - Fittonia. Look it up and you'll see :)

19 Sep, 2016


I reckon Hywel's got it...

20 Sep, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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