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Mimosa grown from seed. Over-wintered outdoors with pot protected. Now 5ft tall & bushy. I feel it needs a larger pot. Should I re-pot this autumn or wait till next Spring?



Hi, welcome to GoY, when you say Mimosa, do you actually mean 1 of the 400 species of Mimosa ?, or the florists Mimosa, which is actually Acacia dealbata, which is a bit hardier than a true Mimosa, it being half hardy and can tolerate temperatures down to freezing for short periods, whereas true Mimosa can't stand any lower than 55 - 61f, but actually whichever 1 you have, I would leave it till spring to repot, if you do it nowyou will have a lot of cold compost with no roots in it all through winter, which would make it even more vulnerable to frost damage, if we get a severe winter I would suggest that you put it in a greenhouse if you have 1, or conservatory, anywhere that is reasonably frost free, with good light. Derek.

20 Sep, 2016


One other possibility for Mimosa, Albizia julibrissin.

21 Sep, 2016


Hi Tug, forgot about that 1 lol, Derek.

21 Sep, 2016

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