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When do Heuchera's flower please, thanks



They're flowering or nearly finishing now here in London, and some flower earlier than this, but to be honest, unless you've planted one with red flowers, these plants are not grown for their blooms - they're insignificant, tiny things, usually on brown, yellow or green, wiry stems, depending on the colour of the leaves.

21 Sep, 2016


Mine have all finished flowering now, I agree with Bamboo on everything . The different colour leaves of these plants are amazing I have a little collection of 7 varieties. x

21 Sep, 2016


Generally from late spring to autumn, depending on the variety. My H. 'Plum Pudding' finished flowering a month ago, but my H. 'Paris' are still in full bloom and will carry on flowering for some time yet (they were still flowering in November last year).

Bees love them, even the varieties with insignificant flowers, so they're well worth growing.

21 Sep, 2016


Hi Nellie,

I have three varieties in my garden. 'Obsidion' has cream flowers on tall spikes and finished flowering mid summer. 'Sugar and Spice' (although not a true Heuchera, but a Tiarella) still has a few pink and white flowers left, they are beautiful and sparkle in the sunshine. 'September Morn' was only planted this year and hasn't produced any flowers to date but should do around April next year.

The bees do love them, and the different leaf colours and shape add variety to the garden.

23 Sep, 2016

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