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Hi all, I live in london and we are heading to autumn/ winter. I have successfully managed to grow the curry leaf plant from seed and i was horrified to see that my curry leaf is dying already when it was just started to grow? the new leaves are turning black and the on the 2nd plant i see white patches but unable to figure out what is going wrong.
I also saw a small greenfly sitting between 2 stem joint dont know if this has infected them. Sad :-(
I have sprayed it with Bayer ultimate bug killer.. have i done the right thing? these plants were in my green house up till now but since they have got infected i have moved them into my conservatory it that okay or should i get them in the house? Can i keep them covered with a plastic bag with hole for them to prevent from being attacked?? Please help me with the right pest control... i have lost 3 of these last year and same thing is happening again this year...

please help me save them.
please advise.
Thank you

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Leaves going black and white patches are more likely fungal in origin - it may be you're keeping the plant too wet, it should only be watered when the surface of the compost feels dry to the touch, but not so dry its shrunk from the sides of the pot. My first thought with 'white patches' was powdery or downy mildew, but neither is visible in your pictures. More info in the link, including care (although its aimed at growers in the USA)

22 Sep, 2016


Insecticide is a bit overkill for one greenfly! Easier and more environmentally friendly to simply squash it if you feel the need to get rid. Best not to spray with chemicals if you plan to use the leaves in cooking. Keep your eyes open for young greenfly - most likely clustered under a leaf. If you catch them young you can just wipe them off with damp tissue.

Bamboo I think you can just about see the white patches on the topmost leaf in the second photo. It does look like mildew.

22 Sep, 2016


Yes, got it under magnification, thanks Stera - Gardenlover, if its powdery mildew, mix up 1 part cow's milk to 9 parts water and spray the plant thoroughly, including under the leaves, with the solution - repeat every three days if necessary. Moving them to the conservatory was probably wise, they need more airflow to help prevent fungal problems - change your watering regime too, if you've been overwatering or keeping them too wet, and ensure the drainage holes in the pots are not blocked, and empty out any outer pot or tray 30 minutes after watering so the plant's not left sitting in water.

22 Sep, 2016


Thank you for your advice, sorry for late reply.
I pruned the infected area and left the stick only for it grow again. my neighbour advised it was thrips as she lost a few plants before discovering it. I am not very happy informing but i did use pesticide which kills "larvae and eggs" i have see it has new leaf coming hope the infection has gone. fingers cross.

will keep you posted.

thank you once again.

10 Oct, 2016

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