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Can anyone ID this tree/shrub it as a very thin trunk is about 8ft loads of berries on it but the birds never eat them it's in a neighbours garden up my street and she asks me every time the berries appear what it is ,bless her she is 90 so I took a photo of it this time .

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It's one of the Cotoneasters I think, not sure which, maybe Cotoneaster franchetii.

22 Sep, 2016


Yes, Cotoneaster - birds usually love them!

22 Sep, 2016


the birds have stripped half of mine already!

22 Sep, 2016


Agree Cotoneaster, though not sure which one, as SBG says, the birds usually strip the berries in short order!

22 Sep, 2016


Thanks for your help ,I did Google cotoneasters after your help with ID and there's one called cotoneaster lacteus which looks very much like my neighbours and a lot of people said the birds never eat the berries which is what my neighbour said .

22 Sep, 2016

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