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Does anyone (Hywel?) know what this is? Given to me, via my sister, from and aunt, it has leaves similar to the common type of orchid you get in the supermarket (this one a bit tatty). It is a bit yellowy in the leaf which could be lack of nutrients or because it was too much in the sun - who knows? The flower stalk measures just 10cm tall and the flower head 4cm across. It appears to come from a bulb with the top of the bulb sticking out like a Hippeastrum, so could it be one of that family? Apparently it spreads rapidly, hence I have this one and three smaller ones in another pot, but whether they are bulbs,corms or rhizomes I haven't dug to find out. Any suggestions will be welcome.

Dsc01309 Dsc01307 Dsc01310



I know it as an elephants tongue but I shall try to find its proper name. Found it - Haemanthus Albiflos, related to the Amaryllis.

22 Sep, 2016


That's fantastic! Thank you so much Cammomile, I just didn't know where to start looking. Elephant's tongue is a good name for it too.

22 Sep, 2016


I've never heard of a common name for this, but Elephant's Tongue sounds like a good one!

23 Sep, 2016

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