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I have a black elephant ear plant, it has leaders running from the main plant. The leaders have smaller plants growing from them. I know what to do with the main plant to winterize it. What do I do to the smaller plants to keep them over the winter



you could plant them up into thir own plants then treat them in the same way. Never heard of the elephant ear plant until I looked it up and it says it is Colocasia esculenta.

Google Colocasia esculenta and it will give you cultivation advice. It is not fully hardy.

23 Sep, 2016


It depends on where in the U.S. Joyce gardens. Apparently colder than zone 9, since she is thinking of winterizing. It will need indoor storage of the tubers if it is colder than zone 8, though. If the babies haven't formed their own tubers yet, they will need to be treated as house or heated greenhouse plants.

24 Sep, 2016

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