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By Tojan

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

when putting compost on the site is it better to cover the site or leave it exposed



If you mean after you've spread composted material over the soil, no, don't cover it.

23 Sep, 2016


I would if it is on open ground such as the veggie garden. Dig it in.

23 Sep, 2016


Oh, well yes, I;d dig it in for a veggie garden (though I wouldn't bother for ornamental planting), but I assumed Tojan was asking if he should cover it with a tarpaulin or something...

24 Sep, 2016


Ah, I had not thought of that option :-))

24 Sep, 2016


I was looking to put a membrane over once I had manured
and dug in then is it cover or not

25 Sep, 2016


No cover, not necessary

25 Sep, 2016

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