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I.D. Please.
Another couple of photos for my post yesterday regarding the id of this 'weeping' shrub which I planted a good few years ago. I usually prop it up a bit on the metal post - which I also want to remove! Wondered whether I could cut it right back and move it to a shady area on driveway. Thanks in advnce.

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Weeping shrubs are normally grafted at the top so if you cut it right back any growth you then get will be from the rootstock and not weeping. If you look at the top of the trunk you may be able to see a slightly thickened area which is where the graft will be.

24 Sep, 2016


Well it certainly isn't a Kilmarnock Willow - which I had thought it might be. How long has it been in the ground?

24 Sep, 2016


In the ground at least 5 years. However I do tidy it up each year so I'm sure would be much bigger.

25 Sep, 2016


Hi, if it gets white flowers in late spring/ early summer, then it could be Exochorda x macrantha 'the bride', pruning group 2, so you can cut a fifth to a quarter of the branches back each year to encourage growth lower down, do it immediately after flowering, it is a mound forming , arching shrub, so don't worry about supporting it, if left unpruned it will eventually get to a height of about 6ft, with a spread of about 10 ft, Derek.

25 Sep, 2016


Thanks a lot.

25 Sep, 2016


Derek, you are dead right. This was my first thought, (really). I kept coming back to this one but when I double checked, all of the samples I saw show this shrub as quite upright; which isn't the case. Just to add, likes acid to neutral soil.

26 Sep, 2016

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