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Several years ago I found a plant growing in my garden I did not recognise. As I went to remove it I noticed that its appeared very attractive to the bees and as it was spring and there was not a lot of another flowers in bloom I decided to leave it alone. This was a wrong move at it is a vigorous self-seeder and the roots once established grow very deep. As it is taking over whole sections of the garden I need to identify and get rid of it.
It is a vigorous plant with large composite leaves and a small blue flower which the bees love. If you touch an established plant with bare it is almost like grasping a nettle though the discomfort is not as pronounced. Has anyone any ideas as to what it is and how to remove it.
Sorry but I am not IT savvy enough to attached a photo.



I wonder if it is alkanet a native flower a member of the borage family. google images and see if it is. it could well be borage too. stiffy hiary stems/leaves that are prickly but with out the sting is typical of the borage family.

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25 Sep, 2016


Sorry I can't answer your question Sandra, but I can tell you how to " add a question ".:-
1. having typed out your question, click on " add a photo.
2. Click on "choose file ".
3. Assuming your photo is already in the computer./ipad, click on the middle option ( photo library )
4. Scroll gently up and down to find the photo you want to send. Click on it.
5. Click on "send your question "

that's how I was told to do it. ( I use an ipad myself )

25 Sep, 2016


Sorry, I missed 1 stage out.
After No 3, of the options you get I always select " camera roll"

25 Sep, 2016


Google green alkanet (or Pentaglottis sempervirens, its proper name) - if its that, its a pig to dig out if its been in a while, very fragile, deep roots.

25 Sep, 2016

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