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By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Finally picked all beetroot this week only to find the majority haven't grown even though the leaves looked healthy. Did have a few that developed and have picked those earlier. Can anyone tell me why they haven't developed. Last year they all bolted. Quite new to growing my own veg, courgettes not been as plentiful as last year, runner beans been good although a second crop are now covered in blackly. Will persevere, although the disasters are quite disheartening.



Sorry Siw, I can't help you, but I'm sure someone will. And I too look forward to their replies as my beetroot failed similarly this year, although I've had decent ones in the past.

25 Sep, 2016


When beetroot fails around here, it is usually due to drought. They're thirsty devils when they are completely dependent on irrigation, like they are here in the desert.

25 Sep, 2016


Also, if your soil PH is too high, the beets will not develop properly and they don't like soil that is too rich in organic matter so away with the compost for beets. They like neutral, somewhat loose sandy soil. The trace element 'Boron' must be present in sufficient quantity to get those nice softball sized beets. Consider getting your soil tested then make the appropriate adjustments.

26 Sep, 2016


Thanks guys, i'd better get checking my soil and try again increasing the water. ( and perhaps adding sand too) .

26 Sep, 2016

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