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Can anyone identify what this is? I have planted the seeds but have no name. It hasn't flowered this year.




It's a heuchera but no idea which one

25 Sep, 2016


Thanks Moon growe.

27 Sep, 2016


At first glance it does look like Heuchera. The leaves appear to have an elongated form with little leaflet shapes lower down the stem of each one. I don't think it's a Heuchera Linda. The only leaf that comes to mind that has a shape similar to that is a salad....Rocket I think. It doesn't look like Rocket, but could it be an edible do you think?

27 Sep, 2016


Yes, Karen it was the leaflet that made me wonder. I am always collecting seeds and popping them in my pocket......must stop doing this. Hopefully it will flower next year and I will have a better idea. :o)

28 Sep, 2016


:) the only leaf I could find like that is Rocket..I spent about half an hour on tinternet trying to find an ID Linda, but no luck!

28 Sep, 2016


Oh Karen.....that was very good of you. I will show you the outcome next year if it makes it through the winter.

29 Sep, 2016


:) my pleasure..i like a puzzle.

29 Sep, 2016


it reminds me a bit of Franchoa, a shade tolerant plant with pretty flowers

15 Jan, 2017


SBG!!! You're right...that's what it is! I should have known it..I have it in my garden!

16 Jan, 2017


if these are from seed they may not flower for a couple of years. I like it as it doesn't seem to be affected by vine weevil like heucheras. the flowers on mine are white with pink markings. long lasting too, similar to heuchera flowers.

16 Jan, 2017


I think you are right Seaburngirl. Well done. The plants are really growing well so they may flower this year.

17 Mar, 2017

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