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ID pleass, sorry yet again. I went to my local garden nursery the other day. They had some beautiful gardens in front of the cafe there and I really loved one of the plants. I took a photo and went back into the nursery pard to ask for a ID but the owner had gone to lunch and the young girl wasn't sure. She thinks it was a Heliopsis. Is she right as I would love to get one for my garden next year. Thank you

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Looks like one of the Helianthus. There are a fair number of perennial ones available. I like one called H. decapetala which is very similar to this one but with more petals.

25 Sep, 2016


Hard to tell how tall it is- could be Helianthus salicifolius or Heliopsis helianthoides, hard to say. You might want to think twice if its Helianthus salicifolius - although its tolerant of shady spots, flowering regardless, its pretty invasive and needs digging out certainly biennially, preferably annually, once it gets going or it'll spread far and wide... Not sure whether Heliopsis helianthoides is invasive, never grown it.

25 Sep, 2016


Hubby is 6ft 1 and it was taller then him. It had such impact and I'm always complaining that my new garden has no flowers and now I've cleared out alot of the weeds so got some big gaps in my front garden. I was thinking about it but if it invasive then don't know as spent last month trying to dig out quite a few blackthorn so don't want to then put in something else that will take over!

25 Sep, 2016


I assumed it was well over five feet - which means its more likely to be H. salicifolius - its not difficult to dig out, tends to spread below ground sideways rather than deep down, unlike Anemone hupehensis, which is another option for late colour.

25 Sep, 2016


It looks more like Heliopsis to me. Helianthus salicifolius has narrower leaves, darker discs, and softer petals.

26 Sep, 2016


Thank you all. Think the only answer is next time I go there is find the owner but now know that if it is a Helianthus then to keep clear.

26 Sep, 2016

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