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Has anyone ever left Foxgloves in the garden after they have flowered, and did they flower the following year?
I bought 3 plants this year and they flowered well and I now have lots of little plantlets which I am thinning and transplanting to other areas, but should I dig up the originals or would it be worth leaving them, might they flower again? Thanking you in advance for your advice.



Its very unlikely even if they did they would be poor. Best dig them up.

26 Sep, 2016


Depends if you need the space, I've seen Foxgloves flower fine for a second year...

26 Sep, 2016


Mine did not flower the first year you have had good luck!

26 Sep, 2016


Thanks for your replies. I may leave one of them in and see what happens and remove the other two. It wasn't luck Loosestrife they were bought from a nursery, so I suppose already in their second year. But I shall hopefully have lots of the plantlets survive the winter and make a nice show for next year. Thanks again

27 Sep, 2016

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